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Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 1:59 am

$25 gift card and collection of books

1. Sliding Into Home – Dori Hillstead Butler


An adolescent girl learns that realizing a dream requires a good deal more than stubborn, steely resolve as she risks everything to follow her heart. IT’S NOT FAIR! Thirteen-year-old Joelle Cunningham is passionate about baseball. She loves to watch it, read about it, and, most of all, play it. But when her family moves from Minneapolis to the small town of Greendale, Iowa, she quickly discovers that there are strict rules preventing her from playing on the school baseball team. At Hoover Middle School, only boys play baseball. Girls play softball. It’s not the same sport! Joelle tries to tell everyone. But no one is listening. Not Coach Carlyle–even though his baseball team is at the bottom of the league, he doesn’t want her on his team. Not Ms. Fenner, the softball coach–she wants Joelle to use her big league swing to benefit the girls’ team. Not her new friend, Elizabeth, who is growing tired of her complaints. Not even Jason, her older brother, who is too busy at college to be of much help. But Joelle is determined to play baseball. And through some creative problem-solving and surprising alliances she finds a solution to her dilemma that brings the disputing sides together…and baseball to the girls of Greendale. Author Dori Butler has created a high-spirited, indomitable character that young girls will admire and root for in this story of frustrated ambition and ultimate triumph.

2. She’s on First – Barbara Gregorich


She’s on First is back! Full of riveting baseball action and captivating characters, this is the story of Linda Sunshine, first female major leaguer, shortstop for the never-in-first-place Chicago Eagles. It’s also the story of Big Al Mowerinski, the owner who hired her for ulterior motives; Neal Vanderlin, the reporter who supports her; and the various teammates who want her on — or off — the Eagles.

3. Research Notes for Women at Play: Story of Women in Baseball – Barbara Gregorich


Research Notes for Women at Play: The Story of Women in Baseball is a chronological collection of public domain and other newspaper articles — research information on which Barbara Gregorich’s book detailing the history of women in hardball, 1892-1993, was based.The reprints and notes are arranged chronologically and by three topics: Bloomer Baseball Before Maud Nelson; Midwest Bloomer Baseball, Mostly Maud Nelson; Eastern Bloomers, Mostly Margaret Nabel. Within these broad categories are articles on the Blondes and Brunettes; the Western Bloomer Girls; the Cherokee Indian Base Ball team; the New York Bloomer Girls; the Baltimore Black Sox; the Philadelphia Bobbies, and others.In addition, the book includes the article “My Darling Clementine,” detailing Gregorich’s steps in discovering the importance and identity of Maud Nelson