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Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 9:07 am

Pawtucket Slaterettes Second Generation Patch


The Pawtucket Slaterettes are fortunate to have players that are following in their mothers’ footsteps and taking their own place in baseball history. To recognize these players, the league issues a second generation patch to them during their rookie year.

Parents may attach these patches to their child’s uniform or save them as keepsakes. The league provides the initial patch at no cost. Additional patches may be purchased for $2 each.

Forty years of all-girls baseball has provided us with the following Second Generation Players:

    • Samantha Angulo (daughter of Sarah Feeley)
    • Sabrina Angulo (daughter of Sarah Feeley)
    • Julianna Bettenourt (daughter of Deb Bettencourt)

Please complete this form if your daughter is a second generation player that you would like to have included in this list.



Contact the Player Agent, Deb Bettencourt if you are interested in purchasing a replacement patch.